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Blink 182 Art


Blink 182 Art

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My favorite performance. Down at Letterman

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Tom talking about Travis

He’s all about rhythm and he’s the best drummer on earth. If he didn’t bring his of love hip-hop into Blink-182 then we’d never have songs like “I Miss You” or “Down.” - Tom Delonge

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Travis on Mark and Tom’s Relationship

Did you worry when the band got back together that tension would remain, and that Mark and Tom wouldn’t totally be a unit again?
"Well, those two were like husband and wife back in the day. I’d always tell them that I’d never seen two males that weren’t homosexual so close. And no diss to homosexual people. I like heterosexual people, homosexual people, whatever. But I’d never seen two friends so close or anything like how Mark and Tom were. I always played the middle between them. And I still do. I’m really close to Mark and I’m really close to Tom. It’s like a couple, but there’s three of us. So we all have to spend time being friends, just being cool, maybe talking about stuff that has nothing to do with the band. It’s just like any relationship." - Travis Barker

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"The air was so thick around us back in the day you could cut it with a knife. It was so bad right before we broke up. At the time, if we had better management or some way to communicate, we would have all been in a better place. When we look back now, after my crash when Tom and Mark finally came to my house, about thirty seconds went by and Tom and Mark are telling dick jokes. It’s like, “Look, you dickheads didn’t talk to each other for six years and now everything’s completely fine.” You realize how petty some shit was we were all fighting over.” - Travis Barker

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if you’re singing Blink-182 without a Tom Delonge accent you’re not doing it roight

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